Have you ever wondered who was the first person to go camping, just for fun?

Thomas Hiram Holding

Viewed from a historical perspective Neandertal man was constructing shelters with branches and animal skins more than 50,000 years ago, and the armies of the great civilizations created vast camps when executing their military campaigns. However, the inventor of the modern concept of camping as a recreational activity was Thomas Hiram Holding, an English tailor and author of the first camping manual, the Campers Handbook,  published in 1908

A fan of camping from just 9 years  old, following a journey in 1853 across the great plains of the United States with his parents as part of a wagon train, Thomas founded the Bicycle Touring Club in 1858. A few years later a friend suggested that he organised a cycling route that included a night out under the stars. As a result Thomas designed a light, portable camping kit and in 1901 founded the world’s first camping club.

Translated from the original article by David Sánchez. Madrid. Source: Section Conocer ¿Por qué? by Óscar Gutsens from the magazine El Semanal.


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